About Us

Address:6-21-8 TSUKIJI, CHUO-KU, TOKYO, 104-0045
Sales Manager:Mr.ARITA

JC TREND CO., LTD was established on April 30, 1999, with registered capital of 3 million yen.We are dedicate in import & export sale business of aquatic products and processed aquatic products.
After 10 years of accumulated experience, we have become a bridge and ties of the aquaculture industry, and sincerely look forward to the counterparts around the world and seek common development.

Imported aquatic products include: small fish series (Arch fish, silver fish, Topmouth Gudgeon, silver baby, etc.), shellfish series (clams, short-necked clam, clam, Aoyagi clams, etc.), the cooked food, shrimp, wakame ,squid , octopus, locusts, and so on.

Aquatic products for export include: Pacific saury, salmon, cod, mackerel, Spanish mackerel and Japanese food.
Address:6-21-8 TSUKIJI, CHUO-KU, TOKYO, 104-0045
     Tel:81-3-3524-0061    Fax:81-3-3524-0062    Mail :sales@jct.co.jp